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It seems that in today’s society nice guys have it rough. The funny thing it’s not a new occurrence, it has always been that way. How many times you heard the phrase, “Nice Guys Finish Last”? You may have friends that are ‘nice guys’ or yourself may be one.

It seems as though nice guys finish last and they usually get humiliated in the process. It’s painful to watch…hell I was that asshole nice guy and one point. Yes, I say asshole nice guy because I wasted so much of my life not willing to change my inner game.

I see it all too often. Case in point my ex-roommate (BTW this is 100% true). She has this boyfriend that to be honest didn’t have much going for him so he devoted all his time to this girl and in a short period of time I witnessed him handing all the power to my ex-roommate.

Whenever she would throw a tantrum he would immediately apologize for whatever and buy her stupid gifts (I swear I’m not making this up).

It all came to a head (at least I thought) when they planned a trip to Lake Havasu, Arizona and were supposed to have a weekend getaway. Anyway again they fight over something stupid she takes off in her car leaving him there by himself! I failed to mentioned, he left his wallet in the car.

I kid you not it took him 2 days to get back to southern California! He had to get a lift from the Arizona State Police to the border and then hitched hiked back to my place!

Now understand at this point I already heard what happened and I was thinking finally this poor guy will have had enough and that’s it……right?


I open the door to find him standing there begging to speak with my ex-roommate. “WTF” I said. Why are you here?

He came crawling back to her to say, “Sorry”. From then on I lost all respect for him. He truly was an emasculated loser. I was so pissed that he came back.

I will swear on a stack of Bibles that this is true and it happened. I must admit I was no pick-up artist at the time but I would have never allowed a woman to have that kind of power over me. It’s not worth it.

Here are five “nice guy” behaviors to be aware of:

1) Your happiness is dependent on the relationships with the girl you are seeing. You drop all your friends and devote all your time to that one girl.

2) Handing over all the power to women. Women in general test men to gauge his reaction. The trick not to give in. Better yet, call her out on her bratty behavior and bust her chops.

3) Acting like her emotional tampon. Why are you going to waste your time listening to her problems? Are you Dr. Phil?

4) Buying her affection with gifts and dinners. Insecure guys want to brag about how much money they make and will shower a girl with gifts and dinners. Understand that women will not respect a man who does this.

5) You lack confidence. Women want a man to take charge and be confident. As much as women want to claim that they want a sweet guy they are completely contradicting themselves because at the end of the day women are attracted to men who knows what they want and take charge with no apologies.

Look I have been there and it took me a long time to change but I did it. It will take some work but it’s up to you. Do want to create a better life or do you want to be lonely and by yourself?

If you truly want an in depth course that will teach you how to become an Alpha Male and be “R.E.A.L.” with women then Alpha Man Immersion is the course you must get. Brought to you by Carlos Xuma…this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Why is this course different? This is a 4-Disk DVD program that you can watch anytime and see the methods put into action. I love this guy, Carlos Xuma is just a down to earth guy and knows what it takes to attract women. Click here and grab your copy. login
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