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Oops! Sorry guys I forgot to mention some of the dating sites you should be taking advantage of in my last post! I have revealed all I know about online dating and what you need to do to when it comes to attracting women online.

I actually find online dating to be fun it’s perfect for anyone who is too busy with their careers or just wants to boost their numbers and get more women.

Whatever the reason I urge you to milk it for what it’s worth. Don’t let anyone put you down for using the Net to find a chick. Who gives a damn what they think – it’s your life to live and the tips I shared with you I can guarantee you will be attracting quality attractive women viewing your profile.

Here are some of my favorite dating sites worth looking at:

Match (membership)
Lava Life (membership)
Plenty of Fish (free)
Kiss Café (free)
Everyone knows they have 15 million current members and is the largest membership based dating site now in 40 countries. This is the one I recommend because it’s freaking that easy! I mean all you need to do is sign up and viola you will new meeting new women in no time. Try – 3 Days Free! is also a good one. I have spent plenty of time going through the profiles and the women are hot. They work exactly like so there is no confusion here, simply sign up and build your profile. Meet local singles at – It’s always FREE to reply! is the largest 100% online dating site. Yep, free so you don’t have to pay a dime whatsoever but there is one drawback. Since it’s free you have a lot of guys on this site and basically hitting up every girls profile. That means you have to be patient since they are being bombarded with a ton of emails.

Remember what you have learned from this blog when creating your profile and you will see way more success than the average dope emailing these women love poems. is another totally free dating site and it’s not all bad. It’s pretty much the same as – you can even look for free and check the profiles out.

It’s up to you….yes you! All you need to do is join and take advantage of it. Use what I taught you. It’s been working for me and I can’t complain.

I recommend you pick up the Online Game by Derek Lamont. He is the reason why I gave online dating a second chance. You see I originally tried online dating 2 years ago not knowing what I was doing. In 6 months I got 2 responses.

Fast forward to summer this year I got wind of this new eBook claiming to have the answers in attracting hot women from, even on I decided to give it a try and it did take a little bit of effort but it worked.

Now I have hot women responding to my messages and other attractive women emailing me. You can also download a free preview – The Facebook Pickup Method.

Pick up your copy of the Online Game and you will have more dates in a short period of time. Your friends will say, “What the hell is he doing to get these hot women?”

Do you have any interesting experiences from your online dating life? Feel free and share them I want to hear any tips you have! login
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